Publshed in Plant Biology 26, 143-345. 2024.

New Publication: Interspecific hybridization and inoculation with Pantoea eucalyptiimprove forage performance of Lotuscrop speciesunder alkaline stress

This study was designed to elucidate the physiological responses of three Lotus forage accessions to alkaline stress, and the influence of inoculating with Pantoea eucalypti endophyte strain on alkaline stress mitigation. A diploid L. corniculatus (Lc) accession, L. tenuis (Lt), and the interspecific hybrid Lt × Lc obtained from these two parental lines were exposed to alkaline stress (pH 8.2). • BothLtandthe Lt×Lc hybrid are alkaline-tolerant compared to Lc, based on observa tions that dry mass was not reduced under stress, and there were no chlorosis symp toms on leaf blades. In all three Lotus accessions, Fe2+ concentration under stress decreased in aerial parts and simultaneously increased in roots. Inoculation with P. eucalypti considerably increased Fe2+ content in shoots of all three Lotus forage species under alkaline treatment. • Photochemical efficiency of PSII was affected in Lc accession only when exposed to alkaline treatment. However, when cultivated under alkalinity with inoculation, plants recovered and had photosynthetic parameters equivalent to those in the control treatment. • Together, the results highlight the importance of inoculation with P. eucalypti, which contributes significantly to mitigating alkaline stress. All results provide useful information for improving alkaline tolerance traits of Lotus forage species and their interspecific hybrids.

Campestre MP, Antonelli CJ, Castagno NL, Maguire VG, Ruiz OA. Interspecific hybridization and inoculation with Pantoea eucalypti improve forage performance of Lotus crop species under alkaline stress. Plant Biology 26, 143-345. 2024.