The Chascomús Technological Institute (INTECH) is a double dependency Institute National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) - General San Martín National University (UNSAM) and is an associated Institute of the Council for Scientific Research (CIC) - Province of Buenos Aires and integrates the group of Executing Units of the Scientific and Technological Center (CCT) - La Plata.

The General Objectives of INTECH are the following:

  • Advance scientific and technological knowledge in the areas of knowledge related to Biological Sciences, Animal and Human Health, Chemistry and Agriculture.
  • Train qualified human resources in the area through Bachelor's degrees, Doctorate degree as well as Master's degrees and Postgraduate courses.
  • Promote the transfer of knowledge and technological developments to the Public and Private sector through High-Level Technological Services (STAN), scientific projects associated with interaction with the social and productive environment, and the scientific disclosure.

INTECH is a multidisciplinary center whose mission is to provide excellent education and generate innovative basic and applied knowledge in the field of scientific research in biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, biotechnology in human health, agrobiotechnology, neurobiology, microbiology and immunology, agriculture , livestock, ichthyophysiology, aquaculture and wetland ecology. First-rate scientists are trained at the Institute and numerous highly relevant and widely recognized international investigations are carried out.

INTECH provides services to the community through the STAN modality in the areas of edible mushroom production, histology, water analysis, agriculture and livestock. It also participates in technological scientific projects with different Public and Private entities and participates in different scientific dissemination events in Schools and other areas of the community.

At INTECH there are two courses under the UNSAM:

  • University Laboratory Technician (TUL, 3 years): it trains professionals specialized in carrying out chemical and biological analyzes (raw materials, industrial and agri-food products), quality control, classification and standardization of products, clinical analysis, detection of environmental contamination.
  • Agrobiotechnology Engineering (5-year IAB): trains highly trained human resources in the development of advanced technologies that enhance livestock, agriculture and fishing, in a sustainable way. Each student receives a full scholarship and accommodation at INTECH, allowing them to dedicate themselves exclusively to studies. It is an entry requirement to have completed the first year of a related university career. The last two years are studied at INTA Castelar

INTECH works in a central building of 5000 m2 of covered area, a 500 m2 sheep biotechnology center and an experimental field of 906 hectares, in the Chascomús district. Outside the central building there are rodent Bioteries, fish bioteries and facilities associated with aquaculture, a Greenhouse, a Hazardous Waste Storage Room, and facilities associated with the use of the field. Some of the current lines of research include:

  • Acuatic Ecology
  • Vegetal biotechnology

  • Biochemistry and physiology of maturation and senescence

  • Plant physiology Biotic and abiotic stress in plants

  • Molecular parasitology

  • Gene therapy and stem cells

  • Aquatic ecology

  • Fish ecology Ichthyophysiology

  • Comparative neuroendocrinology

  • Reproductive Biotechnology

  • Developmental Biology in Vertebrates

  • Mycology

  • Plant-microorganism interaction.

  • Photochemistry and Molecular Photobiology
  • Photochemistry and Photobiology