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Epigenetic control of cell specification and differentiation during development in vertebrates
Project #2: Vitamins as a requirement for the epigenetic control of core microRNAs involved in neural and neural plate border definition:
Project #3: Paternal effects of folate deficiency and alcohol exposition in their offspring:

Molecular control of gonadal organogenesis in vertebrates

The process of gonadal development is a critical step for the establishment of biological sex. When differentiated, the gonad can become an ovary or a testis, and any deviation usually results in a sex inversion or even sterility of the individual. Thus, gonadal development serves as an excellent model system to investigate questions of cell fate and organogenesis. In particular we focus on the molecular network involved in the differentiation of a functional gonad and how these genes are regulated by hormones.

Project #4: Proliferation of germ cells: study of molecular and endocrine regulation.
Project #5: Cross-regulation between the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) and -gonadal (HPG) axes in sexual differentiation towards males in aquatic species.


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